In these stitched panoramas of the Northwest and Southwest I use multiple images to frame a 180 degree view, much like the eye can see.  I am passionate about exploring the natural world , and I pay particular attention to scale, capturing the shared connection between people and the breadth and depth of our landscapes.  I also strive to capture the powerful, expansive and multi-layered  beauty of landscapes and juxtapose these images with the awe-inspiring--often solo--experience of being alone in the midst of something much larger.  I hope these ultra wide photographs inspire the viewer to embrace and explore an extended pictorial representation of the landscapes we inhabit.


I live on Whidbey Island, where I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer. In addition to being a teacher of photography and film, I was a photo library editor at Geo Magazine, a founding member of the International Youth Film Festival in Westport, CT, and a PIEA winner.  My published photos include GEO magazine, exhibitions in Seattle and Santa Barbara, and various local publications. My documentaries have been  selected for the Edmonton, Port Townsend, and Ojai Film Festivals and can be viewed at:



Shields ( the life and work of artist, Alan Shields); Baby Island: The Life and Times of a Small Place; An Organic Life; Port Townsend Sails”; Deano; Able Man; Sculpting A Life; A Love Letter To Redding. 








PAUL SHAPIRO photography

panoramas of the west